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Butterfly valve control cabinet is used to control inlet butterfly valve opening and closing.It is composed of the cabinet and components,programmable controller PLC is the core of controlling, it controls automatically in accordance with the procedure laid down. Thesolenoid valve receives electrical signals, it controlls hydraulic system, the opening and closing of butterfly valve and the bypass valve are controlled by hydraulic system.When the butterfly valve is closed, in order to seal, air is filled into the inflatable air shroud by the bistable solenoid valve.
Functions and features
Open the door forward or afterward, connect pipe centralize, easy to assemble, small dimension, simple pipe, auto and manual control.
Main parameters:
Operated oil pressure:2.5~16.0 MPa
Operated water pressure:≤0.7 MPa
Operated gas pressure:<0.7 MPa
Operated voltage:DC 110V  220V

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