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Impulse type of digital governor is a new type of governor for Impulse turbine unit. The digital valve governors includedigital hydraulic servo systemand electrical control system.
Impulse type of governor, which is developed by ourself, the direct regulation is used, nozzle servomotor is controled by governor directly without cam structure, regulating frequency and load of unit without inflector.When the speed of unit increase over the setvalue suddenly, the inflector is closed rapidly and water jet is offset.The inflector is opened after the speed is lower than the set value. 
For multi-nozzle Impulse generator unit, the number of working nozzleis controlled automatically by electric controller, according to the load and the position of nozzle. Nozzle servomotors are controlled by digital valve servo system separately,so the combined operating mode can be decided by user.It can be changed over between auto and manual mode. 
High performance and quality, imported original electric element, high standard configuration, Low demand for oil, it meets the requirement of unattended or less people on duty.
The  six-nozzle governor has been put into commercial operation.
Functions and features
1. It adopts independence hydraulic pressure control loop, it controlls nozzle and inflector separately.
2. No-lever, improveing the precision of governor system.
3. It has the function of fault locking.
4. It can adapt to multi-nozzles control system.
5. Pump motor has a long interval of starting,the life of pump and motor is extended greatly.
6. Operated oil pressure:2.5/4.0/6.3/16.0 Mpa

Six-nozzles Governor

Four-nozzles Governor

Two-nozzles Governor

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