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The system pressure is increase to 16Mpa for high oil pressure governor, bladder accumulator is used. High pressure nitrogenis in the bladder, the oil is separated from gas, so the oil isn't oxidated easily, the oiliness  keep well, full once gas it can work for three to five years with full nitrogen once, without fill nitrogen in operating. Dispense with air compressor, high pressure gas storage and fill gas equipment etc; so the equipment is predigested and the cost is reduced for power station. 
The work 25000Kg.m of high pressure governor which produced by King has  been put into commercial operation in china.
The 31.5Mpa standard hydraulic pressure elementsare used in high oil pressure governor, all kinds of function valve units are assembled by these elements , and the performance is very stable, the quality is very good.The governor has no complicated lever system, the whole structure is simple and the dimension is very small. 
The governor can belayed on the generator floor or turbine floor basis on requirement. 
The displacement of servomotor is decided accorder to control loop.Single or double servomotorscan be selected.
.Functions and features
1. Without gas system.
2. Apart of gas and oil, the oil isn't oxidated easily.
3. The whole structure is simple and the dimension is very small.
4. It can adapt to every layout type.
5. Pump motor has a long interval of starting,the life of pump and motoris extended greatly.


型号  Type


High oil pressure digital valvePCC intelligent governor


额定油压 Rating oil pressure


High PressureGovernorWith External Servomotor

High PressureGovernorWithInternal Servomotor

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