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Currently, the gate and blade control device of large double regulating turbine governor share a oil pressure supply system, hydropower station needs to set a special replenishing gas system and the corresponding auxiliary powerhouse, to replenish dry compressed air, it consumes much energy, it increases the investment cost of hydropower station. In addition, due to the limit of blade structure and arrangement, the pressure of blade hydraulic system can only be maintained at 6.3MPaorless.
To solve this problem, King has developed theDual Hydraulic System andDouble RegulatingGovernor. The system uses different from the traditional oil pressure supply system. The pressurelevels ofthe gate and blade control device are different, the pressure of guide vane control system is up to 16.0MPa, andthe pressure of blade control system remains at 6.3MPa or less, but the two systems can be effectively combined into one. Using accumulator, the replenishing gas system is canceled, effectively reducing the size of the overall structure of speed control system, increasing economic efficiency, reducing energy consumption, effectively reducing the investment in hydropower station construction.
TheDual Hydraulic System andDouble RegulatingGovernor not only has the digital valve functions and features, but also has the advantages of high pressure governor.
Functions and Features:
1.The pressurelevels ofthe gate and blade control device are different, easy to operate.
2.Covering all the advantages of digital valve governor and high pressure governor.
3.Upgrading the pressure gate control device to reduce the overall size, lower investment of hydropower station.
4.Gas and oil are separated, oil isn't easily oxidized.
5.The gate and blade control device are combined into one, station layout is convenient and beautiful.
6.It is very standard, serial,integrated, reliable and cost-effective.
7. Using bladder accumulator without gas replenishing system.
8.Pressure: for gate 16.0MPa, for blade 4.0 / 6.3MPa.

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