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Programmable computer controller (PCC) as the control core of regulator, the color touch screen as the human-machine interface, the use of digital valve as a mechanical hydraulic servo system.
PCC imported from Austria B & R (B & R) company. PCC represents a completely new control concept, PCC integrates a programmable logic controller (PLC) for standard control functions and industrial computer time-sharing multitasking operating system functions. PCC has a unique and innovative hardware plug-in module structure, the system can be expanded and combinated expediently. The software of PCC also uses the modular structure, application software modules can be simply superimposed on the original basis when system expansion. Its CPU is running high efficiency, large user memory. Good electromagnetic compatibility and full support fieldbus technology, reflects the direction of development of industrial areas. These advantages are to provide a strong resource guarantee for the turbine intelligent governor.
Mechanical hydraulic servo system of the PCC programmable intelligent governor use digital valve to replace the conventional electro-hydraulic transducer and main valve,itreduce the requirement of oil quality and preventing disadvantage from clog in the electro-hydraulic transducer. Digital valve is highly integrated, combination, compact, standardized, universal, high degree of serialization, and without leakage. Also digital valve has the advanced charactersas follow,  high oil pressure, large flow, low fluid resistance, high efficiency. The high-speed solenoid valve is used as the pilot valve, and cartridge valveis used as main valve. It only hastwo states on/off, with cone valve for seal which can ensure no leakage under 31.5Mpa, so digital valve has hydraulic lock function. Digital valve governor hasnomechanical feedback, if frequency signal disappears or power off, the governor is locked in fault. Digital valve has fast and flexible opening and closing features, the static and dynamic quality of the intelligent digital valve governor is good.

Functions and Features ofThe Regulator
1. An absolute newly control idea, multitask parallel disposal.
2. Extreme high reliability, the MTBF of PCC is up to 500,000hrs.
3. High capacity of internal memory in PCC, which provides resource guarantee for intelligent governor.
4. The counting frequency is up to 6.3MHz, it has very high frequency measuring accuracy and reliability. 
5. It has RS232 or RS485 interface,easy to realize man-machine conversation and upper computer communication.
6. It can realize frequency regulation, opening regulation, power regulation, and No disturbance when regulate mode change over.
7. Suitable for special conditions of the unit, such as in local network operation.
8. Adapt vary structure, vary parameter parallel PID regulator; it has very strong self-diagnostic, defend, correct and redundant functions. 
9. Touching screen is used as human-machine interface, the interface is friend, the picture is beautiful and reality, easy operation. 
10. The digital synthetic amplification technique is realized by PCC.
11. Double regulated governor. It is high precision digital cam. According to the actual condition, you can change the cam curve.
12. Both AC and DC power supply.
13. Static characteristics and dynamic characteristics test function.
Functions and Features ofDigital Valve Servo System
1. Using the digital valve instead of the conventional electro-hydraulic transducer and main distribute valve.
2. Adapt all kinds ofcapacity servomotor, it can realize precision regulation.
3. Short transition time, good dynamic quality.
4. It hasn’t require for oiliness, and it has very strong defend clogcapability.
5. Hydraulic locking function.
6. No-leak, no-drift.
7. No-mechanism feedback, no lever and pipe in deed meaning.
8. It is high precision digital cam for double regulated governor.
9. Easy to maintenance and debug.
10. Pump motor has a long interval of starting. When the unit in load state, the pump motor starts over intervals to four hours, energy is saved, the life ofpumps and motors is extended greatly.
11. Operated oil pressure:2.5/4.0/6.3/16.0 MPa

List of Digital Valve Intelligent Governor






Applicable for turbine

小型 Small



Francis, Kaplanfixed-bladetubularfixed-bladeturbine

中型 Middle



Large type of single regulation



 Large type of double regulation


Single presrure



Kaplan, tubularturbine


Double pressure



Governor of impact turbine



Single jet,double jets,four jets,six jets of impact turbine

技术参数   Technical Parameters


Proportional gain


Integral gain


Derivative gain


Permanent speed droop


Power settin


Frequency setting


Electric opening  limit


Artificial dead band


010 1/S

05 S

010 %

0100 %

4555 Hz

0100 %

0±0.5 Hz

Large Type Governor
Middle Type Governor
Small Type Governor

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